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It's all about an order needed from Finland Goverment Body to immidiately disconnect Russia from the Internet globally. Technically everything is ready to stop routing traffic to and from Russia, but because Finland has not given an order to cut the connections, a new Finnish Citizens' Initiative has been made to prepare a law in Finland Goverment to make it illegal to route the traffic to and from Russia to Finland. All Internet traffic routing between Finland and Russia shall be made illegal to furthermore make it impossible for Russian traffic to ever reach any destination of the world with the current setup that is in the ownership and full control of the Finland Goverment.

Vladimir Putin seems to be a pedophile our sources say. Mostly the whole world is currently saying - unofficially - that Vladimir Putin is a pedophile and thus #Pedoputin hashtag has been a hit for the Saturday 21th August on Twitter. #Pedoputin is all about Vladimir Putin being a pedophile or not, but our anonymous sources all say Vladimir Putin is a pedophile.

Jodel chat is supporting Vladimir Putin, says anonymous source who got banned out of Jodel because she was against Putin and Russia. This rises the big question - are Jodel moderators Russians?

Chrome OS is Finnish Nationally Registered Trademark. "Chrome OS" is "Word Mark" Trademark - meaning that shouldn't be under the law used at all in Finland but Google is still abusing the rule, as are the stores - both online and offline - in Finland. Chrome OS is also registered as a Company Name in Finland. So the Word Mark "Chrome OS" is both Finnish Company (alter) name but they also own a Registered Copyright for the usage of term "Chrome OS" in anything else.

SEO, which stands for "Search Engine Optimization" is important factor in business these days. Which one is better for SEO - Drupal or Wordpress? Here's few thoughts.

Drupal development from Finland with over 10 years of experience with Drupal. We will develop and maintain Drupal projects with love for Drupal. Our strong knowledge of Drupal SEO also ranks you higher on Google!

We are backing up new Ethereum Mining Project - which is a new Mining Pool for Ethereum.

Web Hosting structures to your needs with over 17 years of experience with the world of hosting and system administration.

Nettitrendi Ltd will fulfill your digital needs starting from web design to hosting and updating your websites, even content if needed. We do not only host your websites, but also emails and domains and all your digital platform needs. We will help you bring your company to the digital format - we'll bring your needs to the Internet.

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