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Jodel Chat supporting Vladimir Putin?

Jodel chat is supporting Vladimir Putin, says anonymous source who got banned out of Jodel because she was against Putin and Russia. This rises the big question - are Jodel moderators Russians?


Jodel moderators linked to Russia?

Taru (name changed) shares her experience of Jodel. She says that Jodel is supporting Putin and Russia. She said to have wrote what is "raw text against Putin", but yet the moderators gave her the bans to Jodel.


Jodel's "anonymous" moderators are Russians?

This rises the question, is Jodel really full of people Supporting Putin and even the modeators are maybe Russians or linked to Russia?

We'll try to catch later on Jodel's moderators to be heard of the topic. Getting to be a moderator in Jodel is easy and anonymous, so you can really be anonymous Russian moderator and Jodel might be full of them. The more content the more closer you are for being a moderator - that is how the role simply put works.


Jodel moderators Russians?

It is very possible that Jodel moderators are all Russians.


Vladimir Putin

Fuck you Putin!

Our regards to Putin is to go fuck off. He will be eliminated.

So go fuck yourself Vladimir Putin.



We recommend to use Elon Musk's bought service - Twitter - usage to get in touch with the chat about Putin's stuff.



We aren't sharing propaganda and this is our official but at the same time very unofficial opinion because Vladimir Putin is a person who doesn't just belong to be here.