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Chrome OS ® - What is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS ® - What is Chrome OS?

What is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS ® is Finnish Nationally Registered Trademark. "Chrome OS" is "Word Mark" Trademark - meaning that shouldn't be under the law used at all in Finland but Google is still abusing the rule, as are the stores - both online and offline - in Finland. Chrome OS is also registered as a Company Name in Finland. So the Word Mark "Chrome OS" is both Finnish Company (alter) name but they also own a Registered Copyright for the usage of term "Chrome OS" in anything else.

Google Doesn't Obey

Spokesperson and owner of the Trademark Juuso Peltola, has kindly asked Google to stop using the trademarked name "Chrome OS" in their products in Finland, mainly pointing to advertising of Chrome OS in Chromebook. Google has abusing the rule for almost a year now.

What is Chrome OS as in Product then?

Chrome OS ® is registered Word Trademark for Chrome OS Body Sponge product. The original website with the online store integrated and past information of Chrome OS went offline but "we are in the edge of something" said Peltola also.

Respect for Elon!

Same time he added how he admires Elon Musk, who is the man behind Dogecoin and Tesla etc.

"Who couldn't love such a fella? He's the real king of Cryptocurrencies and I have a real respect for his style", praised Peltola about Elon Musk.

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Donate for Lawyer against Google

You can support by PayPal donations here to hire the best lawyer to fight against the monster.

You can also help by sending Ethereum:


Stay tuned for more!

We'll be publishing more about the story in the very near future so stay tuned with us in! :)



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