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Disconnect Russia From Global Internet

Disconnect Russia From Global Internet

Finland can remove Russia from the World Wide Web Globally in just a matter of minutes


It's all about an order needed from Finland's Government Body to immediately disconnect Russia from the Internet globally. Technically everything is ready to stop routing traffic to and from Russia, but because Finland has not given an order to cut the connections, a new Finnish Citizens' Initiative has been made to prepare a law in Finland Government to make it illegal to route the traffic to and from Russia to Finland. All Internet traffic routing between Finland and Russia shall be made illegal to further make it impossible for Russian traffic to ever reach any destination in the world with the current setup that is in the ownership and full control of the Finnish Government.


Citizens' Initiative to make Russian Online Traffic Illegal to Route


As Finland Goverment has not yet been given the order to disconnect all the connections between Finland and Russia - we have started a Finnish Citizens' Initiative for Goverment of Finland to start preparing a law that would make it illegal to route traffic from Finland to Russia and the other way around too. That would create an immediate effect for Russia to get disconnected from the current global Internet, a World Wide Web not so Worldwide anymore at that point though..


Finland is the route for Russian Online Traffic - backed by the Finnish Government

Shortly put, because all the Internet connections to the Russia and out of Russia travels through Cinia Oy's network, which owns the fabrics in Finland that route the traffic to Russia from the Internet and the same type Russian WWW traffic travels out in the same way - using the nodal points that are in the 77% ownership of Finland Government itself - Cinia Oy. But the same company also routes all the traffic beyond the borders of Finland. Cinia Oy also routes all the Russian Internet traffic to other nodal / end points in Europe, and beyond that the Internet traffic is served in Cinia's network of their world wide partners - meaning that actually all the Internet online routes coming from Russia to Finland is handled by Cinia Oy - the company owned by Finland Goverment - that actually controls the whole Internet traffic between Russia and all other World Wide Web and countries connected to it - as the connections beyond Cinia's network continue to work on Australia and other long distance routes of the World via end-points and fabrics owned by the fabrics of this Finnish ISP's co-operators.

This very briefly means Finland is the key nodal point where Global Internet traffic from (and to) Russia can be stopped. This means - if Finland Government just wants to - Internet traffic and routing between Russia and all the other World can be taken offline at any minute in a minute.


Ari-Jussi Knaapila
"It would only take a few minutes operation to Disconnect Russia from the Internet" - The CEO of Cinia Oy Ltd - Government of Finland 77% owned Finnish huge Internet connection provider routing traffic from all over the world to Finland. And from Finland to Russia.


"Matter of few minutes to disconnect Russia online"

Speaking to local Finnish newspaper, Iltalehti, the CEO of Cinia Oy - Ari-Jussi Knaapila told "it would only take a few minutes operation to disconnect Russia from the Internet".

"It would only take a phone call to our network operation center, so technically disconnecting Russia from the Internet isn't complicated at all.", told Knaapila for Finnish local newspaper Iltalehti in April.


Push Russia Offline Globally Together!

All the Finns are encouraged to go vote for the Initiative for Finnish Government Body to prepare a law to make it illegal to route any traffic from and to Russia.

All the others are encouraged to encourage all their Finnish friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. to go cast their votes for this proposal to make routing online traffic to and from Russia illegal and thus we would disconnect Russia from the Internet.

More details of this Finnish Citizens' Initiative will be made available in English more as soon as possible on this website as the Initiative itself goes on.


Update 05 / 08 / 2022

Article grabbed from old Briefly in English from Also gave some modification for it and made it double language for the Finnish original news story. Going to put to redirect to the proposal for Finns to sign and each vote counts - thank you!! We might be redirecting a few non-used domains to the website. Now that Russia did with the electricity to Europe it's more than fair to stop making favors and disconnect Russia from the global Internet.

Finland - hello!

More updates later on this or new article..



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