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In this article, MTV Uutiset follows the effects of Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world on Monday 6.2.2023.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 23:58
In Turkey, a devastating earthquake near the city of Gaziantep. MTV Uutiset follows the situation.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 23:57
On the west coast, the winds blow at their strongest over 21 meters per second. Even inland, the wind speed can be over 15 meters per second in gusts.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 22:48
HIFK's center Otto Paajanen ended his celebratory game on Wednesday by scoring the game-winning goal. HIFK won the away game in Hämeenlinna against HPK 3–2 and stretched its streak that started in mid-December to 16 matches.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 22:29
During World War II, Britain built a massive line of towers at the mouth of the River Thames in London to repel the Nazis' secret weapon. One of the towers even declared itself an independent state.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 22:24
JYP's getting a playoff spot in the League has remained at a rather theoretical level due to the four-game losing streak that came before Wednesday night. On Wednesday, Jyväskylä's Hippos could feel some kind of blowout, when the visitor SaiPa already took a 1-4 lead in the second period of the match.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 22:16
Turku Palloseura could not match its favorite position on Wednesday in the hockey league match in Mikkeli. Jukurit took their second win in their last seven games with defender Joni Jurmo's solo goal in overtime.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 22:06
Former alpine skier Elena Fanchini has died at only 37 years old. The Italian, who also competed in the Olympics, passed away exhausted by the disease.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 22:06
The exceptional player shortage affecting Tappara was not visible on the scoreboard until Wednesday's league round. The hosts were attacked by the Aces without no less than 12 of their players due to injuries, a wave of flu and national team orders.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 21:53
The parliamentary groups will announce their position on the schedule no later than Friday. 

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 21:45
Ilves broke its four-game losing streak in the League on Wednesday, when it defeated KalPa in Kuopio with a score of 4–3. At the same time, the Kuopio team's six-game winning streak at home was also broken.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 21:41
The strike, which starts in the morning, can be seen in 160 Kesko and S Group Markets across the country, as well as in the regional terminals of Kesko's logistics services.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 21:41
There were seven matches in the ice hockey SM league in the Wednesday round.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 21:08
Reetta Hurske has run yet another Finnish record in the 60-meter hurdles in Torun, Poland.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 21:08
Marko and Tanja exceeded their budget when looking for their dream apartment on the Spanish Riviera.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 21:03
Otso Törmälä and Meri Lahikainen, the child actors of the new movie Risto Räppääja ja Villi Kone, tell how they ended up starring in the whole family's favorite movie.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 21:02
A fire broke out at the factory of the US drone manufacturer that supplies the Ukrainian army in Riga, the capital of Latvia, reports the Latvian broadcasting company LSM.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 20:38
A strike in the financial administration sector would be the first ever in the sector.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 20:37
Former Austrian national team soccer player Volkan Kahraman, 43, has been shot dead in the Austrian capital, Vienna. Kronen Zeitung reports on the matter, among others.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 20:28
The question is very topical for the heads of EU countries who will gather for a summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 20:24
Sanna Marin has already ruled out government cooperation with basic Finns due to a different world of values ​​and differences of opinion regarding, among other things, economic policy, labor market issues and the climate.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 20:21
In the Ice Hockey SM League, JYP's entire season is on the line when it meets SaiPa in Wednesday's home match. JYP is on the verge of a must-win, if it still tries to live up to its playoff dreams. Everything looked quite bleak for the people of Jyväskylä, when SaiPa already took a 4–1 lead in the second set. However, Severi Lahtinen woke up the hosts from the middle of the pain. Lahtinen was responsible for both JYP's second and third goals of the night. A video of Lahtinen's spectacular solo goal can be seen at the top of the article.

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 20:08
HPK's forward Michael Joly currently leads both the SM league goals and points market. Joly has been in high spirits lately. And it doesn't take long, because Jykevä has continued in Wednesday's HIFK home match as well. Joly took Kerho into the lead in the second set. Markus Nenonen spread and the Canadian forward nailed the puck irresistibly into the net. The hit in question can be seen in the video at the top of the article:

Wed, 08.02.2023 - 19:56
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