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In recent weeks, there has been buzz in World Championship rally circles about a possible joint project between Ott Tänak, Oliver Solberg and Monster Energy. However, according to information coming from Sweden, it is becoming a rumor.

Posted 24 seconds ago.

The missing 64-year-old man was last seen near the Inkerointe center in Kouvola on Wednesday, November 16.11. He probably moves on foot. 

Posted 5 minutes 58 seconds ago.

The new monthly forecast brings dry and windy winter weather, says meteorologist Pekka Pouta. In the south, white Christmas is close to the small one.

Posted 6 minutes 28 seconds ago.

In particular, residents of Suomusjärvi's Nahvontie area are asked to check their yards and yard buildings to find the missing woman. 

Posted 8 minutes 47 seconds ago.

Seeing the anonymous Ukrainian graves was a "shaking experience" for the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Jussi Halla-aho.

Posted 10 minutes 27 seconds ago.

Johanna Matintalo had bad luck right at the start of the sprint skiing heats at the Ruka World Cup.

Posted 13 minutes 17 seconds ago.

Vladimir Putin took a special position during the meeting with the Cuban president and moved confusingly.

Posted 13 minutes 27 seconds ago.

The Skiing World Cup starts in Ruka.

Posted 13 minutes 27 seconds ago.

The quality series The English, produced by Amazon and the BBC, will linger in my memory.

Posted 19 minutes 27 seconds ago.

The mysterious Titans organization has considerable sums of money for its players, such as Miikka "suNny" Kemp, says Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný.

Posted 22 minutes 27 seconds ago.

On Friday, the prosecutor filed a demand for the detention of a businessman with a Russian background, who is suspected of espionage, at the Stockholm District Court.

Posted 24 minutes 27 seconds ago.

The police are asking for information about a 64-year-old man who disappeared in mid-November in Kouvola.

Posted 24 minutes 27 seconds ago.

The shooting incident took place near Helsinki's Puotila marina on Wednesday.

Posted 24 minutes 6 seconds ago.

Metsähallitus' surveys have found eight insect species previously unknown to science and ten insect species that have not been found in Finland before.

Posted 25 minutes 27 seconds ago.

More than 10 tapes emphasizing equality and the rights of sexual minorities have already been sold, estimates the Dutch company.

Posted 26 minutes 27 seconds ago.

Alfa-tv's background company filed for bankruptcy today in the district court.

Posted 26 minutes 27 seconds ago.

Journalist Laura Friman attended the OnlyFans training course to find out if a forty-year-old housewife could turn into a money-rich professional producing online sex content.

Posted 26 minutes 27 seconds ago.

Does it matter how much a merino wool undershirt bulges? We solved the problem by taking two shirts of different prices to the laboratory.

Posted 27 minutes 27 seconds ago.

Samu-Jussi Koski became a superstar in Finnish clothing design, until the bankruptcy of the Samuji brand dropped him into the void.

Posted 28 minutes 27 seconds ago.

In the town of 20 inhabitants in Savoia, several extraordinary events have taken place over the past year, which have shocked the residents.

Posted 28 minutes 27 seconds ago.

Re-tightening of tires is often included in the price of tire replacement, but many people still do not take care of it.

Posted 30 minutes 27 seconds ago.

NATO foreign ministers will meet next week in Bucharest, Romania.

Posted 31 minutes 27 seconds ago.

Less than 30% of the population suffers from troublesome scent hypersensitivity. XNUMX-year-old Milla is one of them.

Posted 32 minutes 27 seconds ago.

The demonstration is organized in shopping centers located in the center of Helsinki.

Posted 33 minutes 27 seconds ago.

First date at the altar 2.0 show's groom Rene surprises the wedding crowd with his catchy rhymes.

Posted 33 minutes 54 seconds ago.

According to Soin, there is also a danger that Finland and Sweden are supporting Turkey's policy.

Posted 36 minutes 27 seconds ago.

The FSD Beta support system can now be installed in your car for $15 in North America.

Posted 36 minutes 27 seconds ago.

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